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It’s simple: You call and we roast, package and ship your order within 24 hours. Call 800-949-JAVA (800-949-5282) for a bulk coffee quote and free sample. Blackwelder coffee is also available in smaller quantities.

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Coffee Roasting

We are a full service micro coffee roaster delivering only the freshest premium grade 100% Arabica coffee for coffee houses, restaurants, and other commercial business nationwide.

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Single Origin Coffee

Single origin beans are from a specific region or farm. Each region and farm holds certain inherit characteristics unique to it (similar to wines). You can specify light, Medium, Medium-Dark, or Dark/French Roast.

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Flagship Blends

Our three flagship blends, Espresso, House Blend and French Roast, haill from South America and South East Asia, boasting wonderfully sumptuous flavors that hold up well on their own or with a little something extra.

Flagship Blends

  • Backwelder-b_AMZN

    Blackwelder Blend

    A bold blend of coffee from Central America and Indonesia that can be enjoyed all day long.  The earthy goodness of the Sumatran Mandheling pairs nicely with the distinctive Guatemalan H...

    From: $12.99
  • Espresso-b_AMZN

    Espresso Blend

    A medium roast from Latin American and Indonesia beans for this sumptuous blend that is a rich, intense espresso, not bitter with a complex caramel flavor that is perfect for espresso sho...

    From: $12.99
  • FrenchRoast-b_AMZN

    French Roast

    This dark blend of Guatemalan and Mexican estates yields a wonderfully flavorful coffee that is intense, smoky flavor, with a light body and very low acidity. French Roast is roasted to t...

    From: $12.99
  • HouseBlend-b_AMZN

    House Blend

    Only the best green of Central America is adequate for this truly fantastic drip coffee that has a strong, hearty flavor with a lot of body and low in acidity and is well rounded. Blackwe...

    From: $12.99

Single Origin Coffees

  • Colombian-b_AMZN

    Colombian Supremo Bucaramanga

    Bucaramanga is a region in Colombia that prides itself on its coffee. This roast has a sweet aroma, a very rich flavor, and an excellent balance of acidity and body. This is a wonderful ...

    From: $12.99
  • CostaRican-b_AMZN

    Costa Rican SHB Juan Leon Estates

    Costa Rica is considered one of the finest coffees produced in Latin America and Juan Leon Estates have won multiple prizes by international panels of artisan judges. This “Hard Bea...

    From: $12.99
  • Guatemalan-b_AMZN

    Guatemalan Huehuetenango

    This roast has a unique balance of low cocoa notes and fresh orangey acidity. It has a medium heavy body that prolongs the sweet notes and subtle cinnamon spice finish. Guatemala's H...

    From: $12.99
  • Mexican-b_AMZN

    Mexican Custepec SHG

    A medium-bodied, very clean coffee with acidity reminiscent of dry white wines, Custepec has a hint of nuttiness followed by a slight woodiness in the finish. Custepec is a (SHG) Strictly...

    From: $12.99

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